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Score up to $5,000 with Pacifico Auto Group!*

Got shots? Come to Pacifico and show off your basketball skills for the chance to win up to $5,000!

To enter our Basketball Shootout competition, all you need to do is fill out the form below, bring your "A" game to the Pacifico Auto Group lot, take your shots on our court, and post to social media! No purchase necessary.

See below for prizes, rules, and requirements.

How to Win

rules for pacifico auto group basketball competiion august 2019

Terms and Conditions

Download the signup form for full terms and conditions. Bring this form to the dealership to save time!

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*Any customer, apart from the following exceptions, who agrees to like any one of our Pacifico Social media pages, post their attempt, and tag Pacifico is eligible to participate in this contest. Current or former professional basketball players are excluded. An individual that has participated in a High School Varsity or NCAA Intercollegiate basketball game within the last six (6) years is excluded. Contestant must be behind the professional distance demarcation lines when releasing the ball. The entire flight of the ball must be visible and show the ball going into the basket. A witness must watch and sign off on any winning contest. An official witness is any individual, age 18 or older, not participating in the actual event. A sponsor representative or Pacifico employee must supervise this event and is responsible for each contestant's attempt. The attempt will be video recorded by our company security cameras. Maximum Monthly give away is $5,000. This contest is only done at Pacifico Auto Group on our outside court. Other exclusions may apply. Pacifico Auto Group reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time for any reason.